The impetus for action in my case aren't other images, but the relationship to reality, texts, word. 

The search for answers to the question "Who am I?".

This is done at the level of constant introspection, further, being at the same time observing and observed.

Through to the "inner eyes, independent camera," transmute myself into an object (view). At this image doesn't consist only my reflection, but because of the fact that I am the sum of thoughts or gestures of people with whom I am closely related, I get at the subsequent images.

The subject description is my body, body my sister, my mother and her mother. With photos, sketches and watercolors, 

I create portraits closest to what is known as sensory impressions.

Memories, by some called "the image of a weak," are not always faithful to our perception. It is the relation between whereupon I see and what I see. Drawings and watercolors facilitate quick note impressions, photographs (in general the meaning) "attest reality." I lay painting out like a palimpsest.

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